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Bedfordshire Probation Trust

Working for a safer Bedfordshire


BPT Head Office: Tel 01234 213541 

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Important information

Bedfordshire Probation Trust will cease operations on 31 May 2014, as part of the Government's Transforming Rehabilitation reforms. All staff will transfer to the National Probation Service or BeNCH Community Rehabiliation Company. This website will remain in place for a limited time only.
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Supervision at Bedfordshire Probation Trust

Our work - Our values 

Bedfordshire Probation Trust is committed to reducing reoffending. We believe that change is possible and that given the right support people can stop committing crime and stop creating further victims.


To that end we:


work with the Courts to achieve the appropriate sentence

work with victims of serious crimes, giving them a voice in the criminal justice process

work with offenders to tackle their behaviour

work with partner agencies who can help offenders improve their personal circumstances

administer the punishment element of the Court's sentence through Community Payback 

For information about Equality and Diversity at Bedfordshire Probation please click here

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Community Payback 

Each year people sentenced to carry out unpaid work perform more than 88,000 hours of work for the benefit of Bedfordshire's communities.


Following a thorough risk-assessment by our trained staff, some people are set to work individually in charity shops, leisure centres and residential homes.


Others go out in teams to work on large scale projects, where they do hard manual labour. Typical projects include grounds-clearance, keeping paths clear, painting and decorating, litter-picking, working for councils, schools, churches and local community groups.


We are always on the lookout for new projects. To suggest a project in your area, please phone:


Tel 01582 542479 for Community Payback South (Luton and environs)


Tel 01234 350401 for Community Payback North (Bedford and environs)



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Transforming Rehabilitation

Bedfordshire Probation Trust is involved in a national programme of change, known as Transforming Rehabilitation and led by the Ministry of Justice.


At the end of May 2014 all of England and Wales' probation trusts, including Bedfordshire Probation, will be dissolved.


On 1 June 2014 some staff will be transferred into a newly created National Probation Service to work on a small number of activities, such as dealing with high risk offenders. Most staff, however, will transfer into a Community Rehabilitation Company where they will deal with rehabilitation and punishment of lower and medium risk offenders.


In Autumn 2014 this Community Rehabilitation Company, including staff, will be transferred from the public sector to a private sector provider, who will organise the services under contract to the Government.